Katherine Hemlock


Katherine is a nature lover who prefers to spend most of her time outdoors. She finds fulfillment through writing and artistry. Katherine compliments her creative side with studies of the mind, she is a certified accredited coach and NLP practitioner in training.

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Joshua J Daniel Stanier


Joshua is a world traveler who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. He works as an accredited coach working in online marketing, with a focus on turning unfullfilled men into kings. He compliments this with mad videos, playing poker, and endless other skills.


How to shift out of a “pandemic funk” in 6 easy steps…

By joshuaj

If you’re anything like me, the current global issues have led you into a funk. A funk being a situation where you kind of feel “meh” or worried or nervous or all three or something else. It’s a pretty normal thing to experience, I don’t think many people won’t have experienced this to at least…

why I started posting real personal online content

By katherinehemlock

I started to get real online when I felt like I had no one to talk to   I didn’t start posting for money, fame, attention, or anything else besides the fact that I felt alone in such a big world.   I had so many thoughts racing through my head all the time and…

How to save your relationship, by not feeding your inner devil.

By katherinehemlock

If you feed the inner devil, it will become stronger.   I experienced this first hand as I woke up alone without my loving partner by my side.   Joshua has officially been away from me for over a week and everyday since he has been gone my mornings haven’t been the same.   I…

Who to listen to? I choose philosophy from beyond the grave.

By katherinehemlock

I tend to listen to the deceased more than the living    I think it’s because there are so many people out in the world now that swear they have all the answers. But, what I’ve noticed is that people just copy and paste wisdom over and over again.   To me, the words have…

The moment I realized I was a “creative person”

By katherinehemlock

Let me take you back in 2014 – When I first realized that I was a “creative person” It was the summer after my freshman year of college and I’d moved back into my parents house. I remember this summer being very mentally dark. My freshman year was filled with partying and losing myself in…

A roller coaster of emotions & dopamine – BTS ep.004

By joshuaj

On Friday last week I caught a one way flight out of the US. As I blogged about last week, it was bitter sweet. After landing in old blighty (England ) on Saturday I’ve experienced a barrage of emotions. The intention of this blog is to show you how I’ve coached my way through them,…

the identity tragedy – why I changed my last name

By katherinehemlock

 Once I started to question my identity, I realized that my identity determined my reality. All of which I identify with, occupies my life. Identity is internal, but it manifests in the external world.   I started to become more aware of how I was talking about myself. I started to differentiate between my various…

An extremely bitter sweet ending to a magical 4 months – BTS blogging ep.003

By joshuaj

In March, Kate and I landed at San Francisco airport on the last international flight before lockdown and Roni. Since then it’s been the most ludicrously stupid 4 months of my life. We invested in a 1999 Dodge Ram from an old guy with one leg. We lived in an old fashioned air BnB during…

How to change the way you learn in order to progress forward and get the results you want from life and business.

By katherinehemlock

It starts off with becoming what I like to call an “effective observer”    Let me start of by defining what being an “observer” means to me. An observer is an individual who has an open mind, is listening more than speaking, and is absorbing new information in a “good student” manner.   Basically, an…

The long term effects of world class coaching ft. a chunky New Orleans Swat Officer

By joshuaj

If you would have interviewed a 24-year-old Joshua D and asked him “Josh, what do you think of life coaches?” I would have replied, “fuck em”. That’s a pretty bold statement, maybe even abrasive but “who do you think you are trying to tell me how to live my life?” is how I used to…



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EP. 007 Where Freddie shows us a 2-century old art of karate mixed with kareoke, an unexpected villian shows up and challenges fready to a fight


EP. 005 Freddie shows off is kareoke skills in his first debut of "Freddie-oeke" featuring Annie Earthbody and a dolphin as backup dancers


EP. 003 Annie Earthbody anchors the first ever interview with a live dolphin from the Mediterranean sea coast about COVID19
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