On Friday last week I caught a one way flight out of the US. As I blogged about last week, it was bitter sweet. After landing in old blighty (England ) on Saturday I’ve experienced a barrage of emotions. The intention of this blog is to show you how I’ve coached my way through them, bounced back and ended the week like a champ.

Firstly – Jet lag.

This is not an issue most people are going to face but it bought my awareness back to how vital it is to turn up to your business/life with as much energy as possible. Sunday-Wednesday I was like a zombie.

Solution to low energy – Exercise and sleep.

I know it sucks a lot of dick to exercise when you’re tired but if you want to be the best you, you need to man up and do it.

Yes, my personal coaching isn’t always fluffy and nice. I don’t think yours should be either.

Sleep is easily the most underrated aspect of modern day life in my opinion, especially good sleep. Being disciplined to not use your phone for 2 hours before bed and eliminating screen time is difficult but necessary.

Secondly – the insatiable urge to become a lazy couch potato and do absolutely nothing.

This is an emotion. I have to remind myself of that often. The way through this is again not an option I like. The answer is to decide. Decide on who I want to be and how I want to act. Do I want to give in and be the lazy, overweight, struggling loser like I used to be? Or do I want to grin and bear it for a few hours until I re acclimatize?

This battle lasted 3 days, and whilst I 100% agree rest and recuperation is vitally important, 9/10 that is the easy option and shouldn’t be adhered too.

By deciding to be the best version of me that I could, I published a video everyday, creating a new episode of sanding and staining, re-engineered an outstanding offer & on boarded a new client.

If I’m honest, I didn’t overly enjoy a lot of that process this week, but as I sit here ready for 18 holes of golf this afternoon, I’m immensely proud that I got it done.

Self pride is without a doubt the number one factor shared between successful people.

The question you have to ask yourself is – “what do I need to do today to feel proud of myself when I close my eyes tonight?”.

Thirdly – the overwhelming pit of despair due to being away from a loved one.

Kate is without a doubt my favorite person in the world. She is my coach, confidant, lover, partner and many more things. We haven’t spent a day apart in nearly 8 months (except a week where I tried to bin her off hehe). Leaving Kate has made me stand on my own two feet for a while and if I’m honest, it’s been brutal.

This is mainly because I feel extremely responsible for not being there for her, even though there is nothing I can do due to the Roni and visa’s, but I feel that way non the less.

My method for this has been crying.

For some unknown reason crying is, for the most part, seen as a sign of weakness and should be  avoided unless “deserved” i.e. a funeral/loss of loved one. To that I say bull shit. Crying is an outstanding way to release trapped emotions and it’s helped me immensely this week. Every time I wrap up the crying session I without a doubt feel lighter and better about where we are.

I’ve combined crying with a view of the positive re framing. I’m 27 and Kate is 25, a few months apart in the grand scheme of things is nothing plus time alone is a gift for productivity. While Kate is the greatest person I know, her energy and smile can be rather distracting, if you know what I mean 😉

I’m seeing our time apart as a real opportunity to take business to the next level and focus on producing quality content for my YouTube channel.

Positive re framing is essentially where you change your view of the same situation to one that feels good. Yes, this is allowed, don’t listen to the skeptics, they’re probably sad on purpose.

Fourthly – becoming aware of my dopamine levels

If you’re a human in 2020 I’m 99% positive that your addicted to dopamine. Dopamine is essence the “feel good chemical” in our brains. What I didn’t know until around 6 months ago, is that our brain programs us to get dopamine as easily as possible. For example – for the same amount of dopamine you could watch a YouTube video or make one. Watching is obviously “easier” and therefore our brains naturally push us towards taking that option.

This issue then compounds as we become more and more tolerant to dopamine. After a time we need more and more to feel the same as we used to. That’s why after one YouTube binge your next one has to be longer.

I am using YouTube as an example here as that is my vice. You can insert any activity that isn’t serving you.

Becoming aware of my dopamine levels made me stop YouTube and start to replace it with positive activities. Once you lower your levels, simple tasks become enthralling because your brain wants it’s dopamine. This morning I hoovered the house and it felt almost orgasmic.

I honestly believe that whoever controls there dopamine the best are the ones that are going to win in 2020.

For more information on this subject, I highly recommend watching this video, it changed my life!

This week has required me to dig deep and really focus on what’s important, it’s been a challenge but one I am proud to have taken on. The road to self mastery is long and winding and there will be weeks like this, I just know they will all be worth it!

I hope this random ramble/musing has been valuable to you. Everyone has tough weeks so I’m hoping this gives you some inspiration and tools to get through yours.

I’ll be back next week!

Thanks for reading,

Joshua J

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