In March, Kate and I landed at San Francisco airport on the last international flight before lockdown and Roni.

Since then it’s been the most ludicrously stupid 4 months of my life.

We invested in a 1999 Dodge Ram from an old guy with one leg.

We lived in an old fashioned air BnB during the height of lockdown in one of the most “notorious cities” in America.

We spent 5 weeks baking in the Arizona desert.

We drove over 3,000 miles across the country with a psychotic cat.

We started our own business venture together and have grown a community of nearly 200 people.

We have also grown so much as a couple and as individuals.

There’s been tears, hysterical laughter, and everything in between.

Overall, it’s been outstanding.

As I sit in Chicago O’hare writing this I can’t help but be excited for what is to come.

If this adventure has taught me anything, it’s – always believe that good things are coming to you and combine that with hard work.

It’s pretty simple, but it works.

I’ll keep this blog short so I can cry some more, thank you for everything Kate, my dear.

Thank you, America,

I’ll see you soon,

Joshua J

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