3.5 months ago I started to transition from network marketer/coach/content creator into a full-time CEO of a new startup - the Creators Chronicle.

Even in this short time the shifts I have experienced financially, emotionally, and spiritually are absolutely baffling. In short, I went from struggling to know my purpose and not really enjoying life, to full steam ahead with a project that is captivating my attention, emotion, and love.

I've decided to start sharing this journey in this more intimate fashion for a number of reasons...

Firstly, the current state of affairs of "make money at home opportunities/ life coaching/self-improvement industries" is rather appalling. It's essentially a frenzy to fulfill the requirements of someone intending to work solely from their laptop.

As the digital age develops the demand for these types of solutions has definitely increased. As I aim to fulfill this myself I would love to offer some real transparency into what is happening. I'd like to show and explain with honesty what it really takes to make your laptop your r income provider.

As of right now, most people operating in this industry "dodge" the truth and prefer to sell it as - "anyone can do it". Maybe this is just my experience, but if you go onto YouTube and type in "how to make $10k+ per month" you can expect a smothering of video's claiming it is "easy and simple". You'll then get ruthlessly retargeted over the coming weeks by a band of people looking to suckle on the teet of this new age gold rush, all of who claim to "have the solution".

After some really extensive research, I can say this - you can actually make $10k+ a  month from your laptop even if you have zero experience... I know I've done it, but it's going to take more work than what most people are willing to tell you.

I want this section of my blog & life to be an open journal to document the process of building a "make money from your laptop course". I want to show to you as a potential customer what I am actually doing, why I am doing it, and most importantly - what is actually working. I want to provide real results, real testimonials, and real value.

The intention of this blog is also to inspire you out there to start chasing your own dreams and building your own things. CEO life is challenging and the responsibility is difficult, but it is so worth it. You can create the life you want and create the work you want. As I show you what I’m doing I hope to inspire you and help you along the way by revealing all of my "secrets".

I don't know where this blog will take me but I'm guessing it's going to require me being vulnerable and publically failing a lot. If it creates the change I want to see in the world, I'm good with that!

so, if you'd like to follow on this intimate journey and receive some pretty gangster email value - please subscribe below. Your support means the world.

let’s create,


Joshua J

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