Let me take you back in 2014 –

When I first realized that I was a “creative person”

It was the summer after my freshman year of college and I’d moved back into my parents house. I remember this summer being very mentally dark.

My freshman year was filled with partying and losing myself in the lifestyle of giving “zero f*cks”. Within that time period I made countless questionable decisions and I had gained almost 20 lbs. Reflecting on this time made me feel horrible about myself. Because before college I never partied and was very active in sports. I changed so much… I remember waking up every morning and crying for no reason and my parents feeling at a loss of how to make me feel better. But, I knew there was nothing they could do, I had to find my own way out of my hole.

One night during this summer, I was baked out of my boots and staring at my short yellow bic. The more I stared at it the more that it looked like Spongebob Squarepants to me. So I thought… what if I painted it to look like Spongebob? I ran and dug out my mom’s paints that she had and what you see here was the result. I still have this lighter to this day. I was so proud of this lighter and my creativity to make it. I remember it flicked a switch in my mind that said, “Hey, you are creative, maybe you should paint some more”.

After that night I remember things looking up. I started going to the gym and I ended up not only losing all 20 lbs that I gained, but I also started to look like a real dime piece. This picture of me in this cardboard boat that I made (yay more creativity) was me at the end of that summer. When I went back to college for my sophomore year I was a new woman. I continued to paint and ended up painting lighters for everyone I knew. Then I started painting jars, and eventually canvas.

This pivotal moment upon reflection screamed the birth of my creativity and how creating had a positive impact on my life. I still have this lighter to this day because of what it represents.

It opened the door for me to take the path of the artist, even though it’s taken me years to accept it and own it.

What was your “I am creative!” moment?

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