I tend to listen to the deceased more than the living 


I think it’s because there are so many people out in the world now that swear they have all the answers. But, what I’ve noticed is that people just copy and paste wisdom over and over again.


To me, the words have lost their meaning and the original people who crafted the wisdom are lost in the fog of everyone trying to take the words as their own.


I stopped listening to everyone for months. No reading, no podcast, no videos – I didn’t want to hear any of it. I didn’t know who to trust anymore or who I wanted to listen to.


But, as time went on – not listening to anyone wasn’t helping me either. I felt like I had no guidance towards the growth that I wanted to achieve. 


So with most things in my life I followed the breadcrumbs and took one step at a time to allow the wisdom of others to enter my mind again.


And where I ended, was at the feet of deceased philosophers. 


It started with books from Napoleon Hill, who reminded me what it really takes to find success in the world


And then to a book of my favorite naturalist Aldo Leopold, whose perspectives on nature before the industrial revolution would cause anyone to question the direction of the human race.


Then to Charles Butrowski, whose video interviews I consumed for 3 straight days on Youtube as I was so fascinated by his perspectives of the writer’s journey


Which then connected me to videos of Alan Watts whose words of spiritual wisdom have reignited a new way of thinking in me that I never had before


I think what it is about these men (gotta find my deceased women philosophers) is that their wisdom was relevant to when they were alive and it is just as relevant now that they are gone.


There is this aspect of them where their words have lasted the test of time and in doing so they have become legends within history in their own regards.


I’m not saying that there aren’t people alive today that have valid wisdom or fresh perspectives needed in the world – but I tend to wonder whose words will last this test of time.


Which one of the people that you listen to have words that they stand by today and will stand by them until the day they die? Will their words be carried into the next century for our future generations to listen to and find hope within?

I’m not sure. I know of only a handful of those alive today that I trust in their perspectives towards life and that their wisdom is relevant towards others success – but I still wonder if their words will live on.


Until then, I accept my tendency to go to the deceased more than the living. Because as time moves on, there is going to be more advancements, more technology, more changes in the human race that are going to continuously complicate our perspectives of what it means to be a human on this planet. 


I enjoy tapping into the words of men who lived in times where their work and legacy was made before life became so complicated for humans. Not to say there wasn’t always war, conflict, advancements etc – I’m not saying they had a “simpler” life. But, I tend to believe they were more tuned into the present moment and what it took to get their voice out there.


Nowadays everyone has a voice – which I’m happy about. But, what are they doing with that voice? Are they creating with the intention of a legacy or for temporary gains?


I’m the type of person that wants to create with legacy in mind. That I’m not just speaking about what everyone else is speaking about, but offering fresh perspectives on life that will drive change today and for years to come.


Who knows if my words will last over a century. If they don’t, I accept. But, I’m proud of the fact that I took time to find out what it means to be a legend of history and worked to get there. To be an individual of character instead of a voice repeating the same things that everyone else is saying.


I can only have faith that I can conjure the philosophies of my own mind over time and have the will to write them down.


Because there is no “try” – there is only do.


The gravestone of Charles Bukowski wrote two words only: “don’t try” – and in my own interpretation and that of others – he is saying that if you are simply going to “try” then don’t do it all. Because in one of his poems he does state “if you’re going to go, go all the way”


There has to be heart and fire behind what you do. And what you do, you gotta keep doing. Regardless of if others are reading, listening, or watching. You do it because you can and because you want to. Because life doesn’t make sense unless you do it.


We shall see how deep in the rabbit hole I will go into deceased philosophers – just from these men alone I still have a lot of wisdom to catch up on. But, for now I trust this is the path I’m meant to take.

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