If there’s a theme to this current venture I’m on it’s this – the insatiable urge to quit and move on.

As I said, I’m going, to be honest in these blogs and tell you how I’m actually feeling.

This week I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve worked myself to exhaustion and I can’t think of anything better than quitting and finding something else to do.

I’ve experienced this before and on my many many self-reflective sessions it always comes down to this – I want to quit because that would be easier than staying the course.

Starting something new is so fun. You have so much motivation, you feel great, everything is fresh and it’s easy to see progress.

A few weeks or months later you stop and look at your situation and you’re asking yourself – “how the fuck did I get here?” “This isn’t working” “nothing I’m doing is good enough” “ I can’t do this” “I haven’t done enough”…

…then to top it off you start seeing new things. Lovely things. Seemingly easy things…

“I could make more money doing that, “ you say

“That’s what I’m really passionate about, not this…”

So you start convincing yourself that quitting is an option. You start to retell your inner story to suit the quitter in you & worst of all you start to focus on everything that isn’t good about what you’re doing.

Now, at this point, there are obviously times when it’s good to move on. Obviously changing things up can be a good thing to do, especially if what you are doing is truly out of alignment with who you are.

But, you have to be so careful to not let this resistance win and hold you back from the depth you desire. These urges to quit happen when resistance yields it’s ugly head and starts to rip your self-belief to shreds.

^^^ this advice & coaching is what I’m giving myself, by the way, do with it what you will…

Everyone knows Rome wasn’t built in a day, everyone knows it takes a boatload of time and effort to truly build something good. Yet most people can’t get past this resistance and they continue to chase shiny objects.

I stuck through Network Marketing for 3 years whilst it beat me up and challenged me every single day. because of that I came out the other side galvanized. Just by sticking around, I outperformed 99% of other people.

So this week, as I reflect on quitting again I look back to the great things I’ve achieved in my life. The only thing they have in common is this – “I had to go through the fire, get burnt a little (sometimes a lot) but I always came out the other side eating roasted marshmallows”.

As I sit in the largest fire to date, I’m starting to enjoy it, fuck em, life in the shade is easy!

From now, my plan is double down on all fronts, I’m going to go deeper than ever before, why not? We could die today!

If you found value in reading this, let me know in the comments or better yet, share this with someone who is thinking about quitting something good!

Joshua J


  1. Owain on June 27, 2020 at 1:37 am

    So true. I’ve experienced all them things. As I’ve got older I realise it’s happened. Just got to learn from it and remember quitters never lose .

    • joshuaj on July 1, 2020 at 9:16 am

      Amen to that, onwards and upwards. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it and you!

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